Friday, October 21, 2011

Lake Bonavista !

Make sure you join the Calgary Crew at the Lake Bonavista Promenade on November 26th from
9:30 am to 1:30 pm. These folks have been long time supporters of the 18 Wheels Of Christmas Campaign. This is being hosted by Vyetta Sunderland and Bev Blue.  Come on out and show your appreciation and help support a worthy cause. Our goal is to ensure NO ONE goes hungry at Christmas and beyond.


The Magic Begins With You !

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

And The Fun Begins !

There is no better place to start the update than where 18 Wheels all started.....Calgary has been fielding calls and turning wheels....I know this is just the start....

So far Calgary has

November 18th  Okotoks Holday Light Up this is our 3rd year doing this

December 9th we are at Fluor from 6am to 12PM this is a Fluor driven food collection event. Last year we collected about 12 food donation boxes from this Company in 2 hours.  Bonita Hamilton of Fluor organizes this event and her response from the employees is tremendous.

In Saskatoon, things are really shaping up as Saskatoon Coordinator Carrie Wiley updates us........

In Saskatoon we are planning the following events:

1)  We are going to televise our campaign on CTV to inform the following events with Jeff Rogstad.
2)  We will take part in the 21st Annual Santa Claus Parade November 20th-2011
3)  As well we plan to set up the 18 Wheels of Christmas trailer at three different mall locations accept donations, and raise money toward helping those in need.

Lawson Heights Mall
Centre at Circle and 8th

4) We also have planned to set up donation boxes throughout different locations in the city.
5) There will also  be the help of elementary schools putting together hampers of non perishable food items.

With the money raised we will purchase much needed items for the Food Bank.
Once again we are challenging others in the transport business, and suppliers to help fill this trailer.
We will deliver the food on December 20th to the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre.

Outstanding Carrie, We look forward to hearing more from Toon Town on the success of these collection efforts!

Out in Brandon Manitoba, Coordinator Paul Drakely could barely get the first invitation out and his phone was ringing off the hook......

 Well we are just getting going with this. I am trying to get ahold of the local food bank to start this all off. I received our first $500 dollar donation within 15 minutes of sending out our invitation to all our friends out there. A very big thank you and well done to the crew at Crane Steel.

And out in Sparwood BC, Event Coordinator Cindy Dwyer is itching to get that region rolling and has been in contact with local businesses and service clubs with a view to knocking last years efforts out of the water.....

2011 Bigger and Better

You know all those promises you make ......Yes honey, I am going to finish the basement....Yes honey, I will clean up my tools....Yes Mom, I will clean my room...... Yes organizers and executives of The Eighteen Wheels Of Christmas...I will keep up the Blog ! It is completely unnecessary and unprofessional of you to threaten me with that whole Santa Claus and the naughty list..(Just in case, let him know I am trying to catch up)

So sorry, we have been somewhat lax on updating you all on the blog......but NO longer......we shall endeavor to set the matter straight......we shall move forward.....we shall forge ahead.....we shall...........ummm well you get the idea. Stay Tuned, all of our wonderful 18 Wheels Supporters. There is much news to come and many terrific anouncements......and this time, we shall keep you posted.....