Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Thanks to all of you this was an incredible campaign!!!!!!

From our official launch on October 1 to our delivery December 19th it has been an absolutely amazing journey.

We started out in Okotoks for their annual Holiday Light Up, the people of this community are always so generous, the Okotoks Food Bank had 2 mini-vans (only room for the driver) of food delivered to them as well as $1,900.00 cash. From there we were at save on foods in Walden. We spent the entire day and came away with 16 collection boxes of food plus ½ skid of baby food. Next stop the Promenade at Lake Bonavista, this is our 11th year of being invited by Vyetta and Bev to be a part of this neighborhood. We came away with 12 very full food collection boxes and $730.00 in cash. This is a group of people who never disappoints.

Wow we have been busy! Our next port of call was the ever amazing Fluor Canada and their Jean’s Day for Food Event put on by the Fluor Cares committee. We are there at 6am as this is when the staff starts arriving. Our invitation is for 3 hours and we came away with 13 overfilled food collection boxes and a whopping $4,031.46 in cash. This year we have dubbed them Super Fluortastic!!!!

From there we could be found in the community of Panorama at save on foods another all day stint but here we ran away with 4 ½ skids of water, 12 over full food boxes and once again ½ skid of the precious baby food. Whew are we done yet??? Not quite. Our last stop was in the community of Seton and our 3rd save on foods. Once again we were truly floored by the response of a community. Everybody who went into the store came out with a hamper or 2 or more! We had 16 food collection boxes on the trailer; by 10:30am 14 of them were full. When we left this amazing location at 5pm we had another ½ skid of baby food, 16 over-spilling food collection boxes and 3 pallets of loose hampers. Our doors were closed but people still kept bringing donations out.

This isn’t everything. Yes, we travelled all over the city and did our outside stints sometimes in very brutal weather but amazing stuff is still happening back at the terminal. We have the most wonderful supporters who have their own food drives to help fill the 18 Wheels of Christmas trailer. It is not possible to fill a 53’ trailer without the continued support of, you, our loyal contributors:

Rosenau Transport, Titan Transport, Hill Bros., Mika Trucking,  Univar,  Desa Glass,  Bess Tank Lines, TST Overland, Heinz, Chief Hauling/Gibson Energy, Nestle Canada,  Superior Truck,  Consolidated Fastfrate, Mid-West Surveys,  Style-Craft Printing, J&R Hall Transport, Cypress Lath and Stake, Grote,  Pro Trucker Magazine and Truck West.

We delivered to the Calgary Food Bank a jaw dropping 48 skids double stacked in the 53’ plus a tag along of 4 skids.  This delivery will go a long way not only in making someone’s pantry a little fuller at this time of year but it will go further into the next year. One can never predict how a catastrophic event such as the Flood of 2013 or a change in a family’s dynamic will affect someone but to know there are people and businesses, like you, who will step up to the plate and make a difference.  Thank you!!!!

It would not be possible to put this all together without the hard work of Wayne, Trevor and Sam in our graphics department, Ron and all his people in our shop,  all the volunteers Dale, Janet, Cheyenne, Randy, Kent, Chris, Mark, Nathan, Beth, Martin, Stephanie, Mike,  Karen, Ken, Candace and Colleen who donate their time to achieve what has become an exciting annual food drive. To all our drivers who where kept busy running all over the city picking up donations a huge thank you. Gee we can’t forget Santa and Skippy the Elf they always put smiles on the faces of children and candy canes in their hands.

We look forward to next year which will be bigger and better with our new partners save on foods!!!!

Saskatoon Generosity Warms The Coldest Days

Rosenau Saskatoon would like to thank the public, our suppliers, and fellow transport companies for pulling together to make this year a huge success in filling our 53’ trailer full of food for The Saskatoon Food Bank. We raised $12,000.00 and brought 25 skids 30,000 pounds of food on December 19th to the Food Bank.

E-Chem Epsilon Chemicals
Nexus Ag Business Inc.
Traeger BBQ Canada Ltd.                                                                                  
Kleysen Group LP
Bridge Carriers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Titan Transport Ltd.
Turner Transport Ltd.
Jays Moving and Storage Ltd.
Extra Foods Waneskewin Road
Fort Garry Industries
Tradex Commodity Group Inc.
T & T Group of companies
POGO Logistics Inc.
Wendland Ag
NSC Minerals
Malcolm & Marilyn Leggett
Back to Your Roots Soil Solutions Inc.
Park Derochie Coatings (Saskatchewan) Inc.
North Star Innovative Developments Inc.
RDK Transport
RJ’s Excavating
Welldone Mechanical
Redhead Equipment
RJ's Excavating

Maple Leaf Foods with 11 skids 
Walter Murray Collegiate 1800 pounds
Saskatoon Blades game 500 pounds    
Inactis  Group   700 pounds of food  
CrestLine 150 pounds

Smokehaus 300 pounds of food

 The winners of the gift cards:

$100.00 Tim Horton Card:  Riley Burant  
$150.00 Chili’s Card:  Scott Froese
$200.00 Keg Card:  Bob McIntyre