Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Edmonton Puts The Hammer Down!

Well, when the Edmonton terminal of Rosenau Transport decides to step up to the plate and do their part for 18 Wheels Of Christmas, they do it in style and size large!

Under the watchful eye of the 18 Wheels, Edmonton Coordinator, Jodi Manning, the Edmonton crew has already garnered lots of media interest in their 18 Wheels activities. They have even started receiving financial donations, including a cheque from Wingenback Transport as well as Global Transport and promises for more to come. We cannot overestimate the value of the support that we get from our partners in the Transportation Industry when it comes to the support of such a worthwhile cause.

The Edmonton Crew has many collection plans and we will update you has they become solidified, (is that really a word?).

November 28th The 18 Wheels Trailers will be at 3 Sobeys locations along with CISN 103.9 FM

December 15th The 18 Wheels crews will be heading out to 3 different Diamond Truck locations to collect the food that this outstanding company is collecting for 18 Wheels.

December 16th Delivery Day to the Edmonton Food Bank!

We wish Edmonton luck with all their collection efforts and we can't wait to see some pics and hear your stories as these events unfold. Check back often, we will keep you updated!

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