Saturday, November 24, 2012

18 Wheels And The Grinch Visit Fort St. John !

Well 18 Wheels traveled a little closer to the North Pole Saturday November 24th and visited The Energetic City, Fort St. John BC!

Thanks to the generosity of the folks in Ft. St. John BC and especially our hosts at Home Hardware, our first collection day here was a success! Once again, we partnered with N.E.A.T. While they were in the store doing their Christmas Light Exchange, we were outside collecting donations and handing out coupons for the Home Hardware Store for every donation!

It was a bit frigid out there but thanks to an endless supply of Tim Horton's coffee, we made it through the day. Chris, Karen and Brandon made the trip up from Dawson Creek and spent the day at The Home Hardware Store in Fort St. John BC. The day was not without it's difficulties however, we started our day off by getting stuck in some deep snow. Luckily Alec from the Ft. St. John Terminal showed up with a tow rope and gave us a little tug and got us rolling again.

There was another tense moment when The Grinch showed up, threatening to deprive us of our hard earned Food Donations!

However, after we explained to the Grinch that all the food we collected was staying in the community and going over to The Local Food Bank, it melted her little icicle heart and she began to help promote our cause!

 After we were done, we transferred all of the donations over to the pick up truck to run up to the Food Bank. It was a bit tight in the alley way and we decided that though it would be cool to deliver with the 18 Wheels Trailer, we might be stuck there until Spring came along!
 Thank you once again to Dzengo and Karen from N.E.A.T., (The Northern Environmental Action Team) for inviting us to be a partner with them in their annual event.
I really want to extend my appreciation to my girlfriend, Karen and also to Brandon Jensen from Dawson Creek for giving up yet another Saturday to help out with this worthwhile cause. Your willingness to give so freely of your time shows a true representation of your characters and is a reflection upon you and the community in which you live.

Well, we are getting the trailer polished up and ready to make the trek back down south for some exciting 18 Wheels events down in Edmonton and Calgary. Good Luck guys and we can't wait for next year to make it even bigger and better!

Chris Richards
Dawson Creek BC

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