Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This Community never disappoints!!!

18 Wheels of Christmas was invited back for the 10th year to Lake Bonavista Promenade where we are never disappointed. The morning was fairly chilly but the weatherman promised it would warm up. It never did but the cold certainly did not keep this community locked in their snug homes. When we arrived Vyetta and Bev were already there waiting for us. We got the sandwich boards out the music blaring and then Santa made his arrival known with his huge HOHOHO voice.

As soon as we had opened the trailer doors Maureen (the Safeway Manager in this mall) rolled out a shopping cart full of hampers which her and her team had collected for us the day before. Talk about a good start to a chilly day. These types of donations went on from 9:30 AM right up until we closed the trailer doors at 1:30 PM. We collected an astonishing 12 Food Bank gaylords full to the brim and $465.00 cash (for baby food). Lake Bonavista really knows how to share the spirit of the season. Our 18 Wheels of Christmas Santa put smiles on many of the youngsters out shopping with their parents his candy canes went quite fast.
We were treated to the most delicious lemon mango muffins ever freshly made and still warm by the ladies at THE FRIDGE. Every year this shop treats us to something special last year it was apple cider.
Our time for the season is starting to wind down… this Friday we will be found at Fluor Canada for their Fluor Cares Jeans for Food event and then we must send the Christmas Trailer to Jodi and Ken in Edmonton for Terry Evans of K97 to live in the trailer until it is full. Here’s hoping the weather is warmer for you this year Terry than it has been in the past.

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