Tuesday, December 17, 2013

WOW, Fantastic, Fabulous, Over the Top

How many ways can you say WOW, Fantastic, Fabulous, Over the Top?????

How about just one way……..SAVE ON FOODS Seton

Thank you, thank you, Carl, Allan, Jeremy and all your hard working staff for welcoming 18 Wheels of Christmas with huge fanfare. You immediately loaded the trailer with 8 full boxes of food donations. We had brought 16 food collection boxes and by 10:30 14 were full!!!!! The day continued on with we are sure each and every one of your customers donating to this campaign.


We were kept warm not only by the hot chocolate you so graciously had for us and your customers but by the warm smiles of your staff serving. Sam you have a smile that can light up a cloudy day.

Then we were surprised when a 3 piece band started playing Christmas music in your lobby and around the store for your customers. Carl you sure know how to throw a party!!!!

The day flew by so fast before we knew it, it was 5PM and time to wrap up. As we were getting ready to leave Allan came out and told us the tree of baby food was ours. We left save on foods Seton with smiles on our faces knowing because of you and your community we would be taking more than a full 53’ trailer to the Food Bank on December 19th.

We cannot thank you and your staff enough Carl as well a huge thank you to Tony and Doug from Panorama and Walden save on foods.

Thank you to our volunteers Dale, Stephanie, Karen, Beth, Colleen. We can’t forget Ken a huge help helping to set up and a bigger help unloading. Santa and Skippy you are the best and last but not least a big thank you to Nathan for helping out and taking the trailer back to the terminal.

Stay tuned for our wrap up.

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